Testimonial-Lisa Barnes

Submitted By Lisa Barnes

I love the passion and drive from all of the ASR coaches. Coming from a small gym I was worried if I'd made the right choice coming to a large gym (after all of the horror stories I'd heard from people who never stepped foot in a large gym) but I must say that ASR has that small gym close knit feeling that we are all family and very supportive of one another-times 10 considering it's a rather large family! Our first year at ASR is one to remember! Not because my daughter became a NCA National Champion her first competitive year and first ever NCA competition, but because in these short 9 months she has grown tremendously! All the coaches, every parent and athlete and even just the atmosphere alone has ignited a spark in her to be able to focus on reaching her fullest potential. As a parent, that is all I could ask for! So as I said before, her becoming a NCA National Champion was just the cherry on the top!!! I'm excited for ASR's future, congrats to everyone and God bless!!!

What a great year

Submitted By Kim Weldon

This was absolutely the best year ever!  Kailey is a senior moving away for college next year and will not be able to return to ASR (although this was BEST year as far as team, gym & parents for us)!  I wish she could do it again! I tried to talk her into changing her college preference and staying here to do it again one last year as a super senior. This experience has been wonderful...hats off to you ASR for making her last year the best.  I'm glad we were a part of your opening year.

You guys are truly a top of the line, A+ gym!  Being a part of ASR who is well organized yet still fun makes for a great experience for both parents and athletes! I just love this gym and I have never been around such great parents EVER on a cheer team.  Everyone has been so wonderful!  wink Good luck to all, the Revolution has a bright future!

Thanks for a great year!

Submitted By Sherrie Vicencio

I wanted to thank you all for an incredible year, being a part of ASR has been a wonderful experience for my girls.  I was very unsure, worried, scared and had no idea what to expect entering our first year of  Competitive Cheer and all of you have been amazing!!!  You all make my girls feel so special, that they are important to their teams and really make them feel that they belong! They both have come a long way since this time last year!

There is really nothing I can do or say except Thank You and I really appreciate everything that you all have done for my girls! ASR is the BEST!!!!!


Comfortable Atmosphere

Submitted By Lorene Pickering

Kayleigh attended Miss Kaci's class yesterday and loved it.  She was a bit intimidated, since she was new, but the staff was wonderful and helped her right through it. Please extend our sincere appreciation to Miss Kaci and the other staff that helped her for their patience and compassion with Kayleigh.  She was so concerned people would laugh at her because she wasn't at their level, but everyone, even the fellow classmates made her feel so comfortable.  Thanks so much!

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