Private Lessons

All-Star Revolution offers private instruction for both members and non-members of our all-star program. In other words, you do not need to be on an ASR competitive team to participate in private lessons. 

All instructors provide private lessons as contract labor so you can contact them directly for pricing and scheduling details. All private lesson athletes are required to fill out a 2020-2021 registration form before participating in any activity in the gym. New forms are required each season for returning athletes as well. All Athletes must also pay the annual $55 registration fee to take private lessons in the facility. Registration fee and release forms are good for one season (May 2020-2021).

Private lessons can be scheduled for tumbling, jumps, stunts, motion technique, dance, routine memorization, tryouts and more.

If you have questions on which instructor might best be suited to teach your athlete, please contact or call us at 281-741-3762 during regular office hours for more information.



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